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well i have installed red hat linux enterprise edition in HP 200 G3 AIO pc. It has Realtek 8821ce wifi adapter. But red hat is showing no wifi adapter found. How can we rectify this issue.


i have tried lot of solutions, but none succeeded

Hi Cruz,

You may want to check out if these drivers work for you : ... Good luck ! :)


christian i cant find any drivers here

Hi Cruz, did you add the repository and update the software sources ?
If there's no package available, then they seem to have it removed ... :(


i m relatively new to red hat. in learning process still. can you please elaborate it in detail

What is the device ID pariing of your wifi device? Please show the output from:

lspci -nn | grep -i eth

Hello Sir/Madam I haved try many solution but not successed. I haved installed a RHEL 8 after installation the wifi adapter is not showing in HP laptop model Number 15q i3 6th Generation . So please try to solve my issue.

Same for me can't find any solution

Hello Sir /Madem I'm install rhel 8 in Dell latitude E6400 But here is one problem No Wi-Fi Adapter Found Can you help me

I have recently changed my os from Windows to redhat here the major problem is ether net is connecting but when I want to choose WiFi it is showing no WiFi adapter available how could I install a WiFi drive to that redhat 8

I loaded Scientific Linux 7.7 on a Dell P5540, which comes with Intel AX200 Dual Band m.2 wifi card. Intel claims that this card supports Linux and even provided firmware. However, the wifi adapter still doesn't show up after following steps provided by Intel website.

Hello everyone!

I am new to RHEL as well. I may have found a solution but it is not a solution we would like.

The solution I have is you need to use an external internet adapter. Such as a usb wifi card or a usb to ethernet adapter. After such subscribe to the RHEL subscription manager either through the Red hat website or terminal.

THEN open the terminal and type in

$ sudo dnf search wireless

I know this is a command to display drivers in the repositories but bare with me. Then type in

$ sudo dnf install all

I do not know why but at least on my end, I can't install any of the repositories with out being connected to the internet.

I don't know why I am not critical of RHEL 8 I am just saying "what the heck? This should work!" Like you all are as well.

If anyone knows a why to bypass the repositories or download them to a usb drive to that would be great!!!

Let me know how it goes guys!

One this that is puzzling to me is if I duel boot RHEL sees no wifi adapter on my laptop at all. Yet..... When I boot up windows and run a VB I know I am bringing the internet connection but it seems to detect my wifi adapter. Displays full name and all.

I have an Ethernet adapter in my laptop that works fine but a RealTek WIFI adapter that is not recognized by RHEL. It IS recognized by Fedora and Ubuntu but both those variants of LINUX are not stable on my laptop. It is an older device (Lenovo IdeaPad 320). Classic tail. I had an old laptop lying around so I thought I would put LINUX on it to see if it works better than Windows... So far not working. I have performed a software update via the Ethernet adapter and hopefully that works as I would like to be able to use the wireless adapter.