How to add MySQL Driver Definition? Only Generic JDBC is available

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After installing RH Developers Studio 12.9 only the Generic JDBC Driver Definition is available. How to add MySQL?

Window menu...Preferences...Data Management...Connectivity...Driver Definitions.




Changed Path to match JAVA_HOME. Path was set to JDK 10 and JAVA_HOME to JDK 8. Uninstalled Java 10 and Red Hat Developers Studio (RHDS). Restarted Windows and type path in cmd to verify path was updated to JDK 8. Reinstalled RHDS this time adding MySQL as a server to scan for along with EAP 7.1. The server list when installing RHDS must only be for Web Servers because only EAP 7.1 got set up after the installation. Still MySQL drivers aren't listed, but H2 Database and Generic JDBC drivers are available now.