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I have export a client from the admin console and when I try to import this client from the console I always have a error "No ressource specified to import"

Thank You


Hi Martin,

I'm taking a wild guess here from a tacit google search and perhaps you are speaking of Red Hat Single Sign On update I suspect you're maybe talking about Red Hat Single Sign-On https://developers.redhat.com/blog/2018/02/01/rh-sso-liferay-dxp-saml maybe, is that correct?

Can you provide some more info if possible for those who might have experience with that product?

By the way, do you have Red Hat support?



Hi, I installed RHSSO 7.1 and I start it. After that I open the admin console and I create a New client "Test" and I Exporte this client and I got a json file. I delete this client and always in the console, I try to import this json but I always have a error.

Thank you

Martin, thanks for the info. Hopefully someone chimes in. Do put in a case with Red Hat though.



Hi Martin,

You need to import exported client by navigating through

Clients ---> Create ---> Import (by selecting file that was previously exported) ---> Save

Let me know if this helps.