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I have a Satellite 6.3 and several hosts. Now I'd like to use puppet in order to manage configurations.
Following official guide I should install puppet-agent from satellite-tools repo but there's also another repo called satellite-tools-puppet4. From which repo should I install package?




I think satellite-tools-puppet4 contain Puppet Agent 4.x.

You want latest version of the agent: Puppet 5.x, so check if it is available in satellite-tools repo.


Dusan Baljevic (amateur radio VK2COT)

Hi Dusan,

Neither Red Hat nor Puppetlabs support a mismatch between server and agent version.


Jan Gerrit


The puppet agent version has to match the puppet server version.

So you need to determine the puppet server version.

rpm -qa|grep puppet


would indicate a puppet 4 server, so the agent needs to come from the satellite-tools-puppet4 repository.

I do not understand the confusing version numbering.

Another way to determine is to look in /etc:

  • /etc/puppet/ indicates a version 3 server, so you need the puppet agent from satellite-tools
  • /etc/puppetlabs indicates a version 4 server, so you need the puppet agent from satellite-tools-puppet4


Jan Gerrit


Correct about version mismatch for Puppet. I expected Satellite 6.3 to be on Puppet 5.x - that is why I suggested the agent version.

On the topic: whilst this is not recommended, different versions of Puppet server and agents can work. Without going into details, here is part of the procedure we developed for purely testing purposes during migration from Puppet Open-source to Puppet Enterprise (Puppet deployment of Pivotal tcServer):

Remove old version of Puppet agent (puppet-3.8.6-2.el7sat.noarch):

puppet agent --disable
puppet agent -tv
yum remove puppet-3.8.6-2.el7sat.noarch

... and then install new version of Puppet agent manually:

yum install puppet-agent-5.3.3-1.el7.x86_64.rpm
puppet module install puppetlabs-java_ks-2.1.0.tar.gz 
puppet module install puppetlabs-lvm-1.0.0.tar.gz
puppet module install puppetlabs-stdlib-4.24.0.tar.gz

Voila, it worked :)

The first thing I do when I get warnings from vendors that "something must not be used" is to verify the opposite in a test lab. Trust trust verification :) In 34 years in IT business, this attitude helped me many times...


Dusan Baljevic (amateur radio VK2COT)


When you install Satellite 6.3 you are asked to choose from Puppet 3 or Puppet 4. See Installing Satellite Server.

The Configuring Repositories section is where you implement your choice.

There is a link in the second paragraph to the Upgrading Puppet section in the Upgrading and Updating Red Hat Satellite guide, but that is for when you want to upgrade to Puppet 4 after installation.

Then see Installing and Configuring the Puppet Agent in the Managing Hosts guide.

The Red Hat Satellite 6.3.0 section of the Package Manifest lists the versions of Puppet.

Hello, thanks for your replies. Honestly I don't remember which version I choosed during satellite installation. Anyway on satellite server: [root@server~]# rpm -qa |grep puppet puppet-server-3.8.6-4.el7sat.noarch [root@server~]# yum info puppet-server-3.8.6-4.el7sat.noarch Loaded plugins: product-id, search-disabled-repos, subscription-manager Installed Packages Name : puppet-server Arch : noarch Version : 3.8.6 Release : 4.el7sat Size : 4.9 k Repo : installed From repo : rhel-7-server-satellite-6.3-rpms Summary : Server for the puppet system management tool URL : http://puppetlabs.com Licence : ASL 2.0 Description : Provides the central puppet server daemon which provides manifests to clients. : The server can also function as a certificate authority and file server.

So I suppose there is release 4 and I need to enable puppet4 repository. Should I upgrade to release 5? Thanks again guys.


Hello Fabio,

This is server version 3.8.6. So you should install the puppet agent from the satellite-tools repository.

Dusan's experiment is great, but the result is not supported by Red Hat.

It is only wise to follow his approach, when using a standalone Puppet master, not the integrated Puppet master of the Satellite server.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Hi Jan, under yum info --> Release: 4.el7sat. I'm a little bit confused.....

Is puppet-agent packages/service needed on main Satellite and Capsules servers ? Or only on clients content-hosts?