Restore of Satellite 6.3 server isn't working

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Section 7.2 of the Satellite Server 6.3 Administration Guide needs to be more thoroughly tested, I think. I spun up a new copy of the Satellite 6.3 server we have in a new Amazon VPC, as our old VPC (default) had IP overlaps with our on-premises network. So far, my process has been:

  • Take a backup of the old satellite 6.3 server
  • Copy the backup to S3
  • Spin up a new satellite server with our Ansible playbook
  • Copy the backup from S3
  • Restore using satellite-restore

The failure, while restoring, is:

Failed 'runuser - postgres -c 'psql -f ./pg_globals.dump postgres 2>/dev/null'' with exit code 1

Running 'runuser -postgres -c pwd' returns '/var/lib/pgsql'. The solution is to copy *.dump to /var/lib/pgsql before running satellite-restore.


Hello Greg

Thank you for reporting that.

I have raised this bug: Bug 1564435 - Postgres fail while restoring. Feel free to follow, edit, comment, etc.


Sorry for the delay.

Performing a restore on another Satellite Server is not a currently supported procedure. We will update the docs to make that clearer as described in comment 564435#c9.

See that comment for other methods too.

Thank you

EDIT: My mistake, restoring onto a new install of Satellite is the supported procedure. The docs as its written now implies it but we can make state it clearly.


I raised: Bug 1576748 - [RFE] Support restore onto a new Satellite Server.

For those that need this feature, raise a support case and cite that bug.

Thank you


To support this request I opened case 02097962.


Jan Gerrit


I was told the issue here was needing to give the full path to the backup and being in a place where the postgres user has permissions. However, please use the clone procedure for cases like this. See Cloning Satellite Server

Thank you