how to provision new server via satellite

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we have satellite 6.2 installed.
we want to be able to install and configure a new server from scratch by using the MAC address only of the server.

the vendor configured this before i assumed the role of the satellite so i do not know where to begin.

we want to customize the installation to be able to create different sizes of the /home, swap, /root, install softwares, ...etc.


Hi Tamer Alkady,

There's a steep amount of reading and configuration, but start with this which simply leads to the documentation. In principle, this will lead you to creating PXE boot/kickstart capability. I've done this external to the RH Satellite server, and a friend at work has made it work with some effort on the RH Satellite server version 6.2.xx (semi-current version of Satellite)


We are able to do a pxe boot, but i was searching for how to customize disk partitions and configure initial OS configurations

Hi Tamer Alkady,

For partitioning, start with examining this.

We have a separate PXE server that has it's own kickstarts, so I'll get back regarding the remaining info you're seeking, unless another chimes in here.

Also, check out this discussion,

Hello Tamer,

Under the host menu you can find the topic partition tables, just below the template keyword. Here you can create a set of new partition table snippets. Per operating system you can add the new partition table snippets of your choice.

During server deployment you can select the partition table you need.


Jan Gerrit

Thanks all, I opened a support case and this was provided which is what I am looking for. Sorry if in some way I could not make my query understandable :)

Glad you could get it resolved Tamer Alkady,

Thanks for posting.