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Is Redhat satellite is also able to push updates (patches) for windows machine also OR just for Rhel based machine.


Hello Hidehiko Harano

To answer your question, Red Hat Satellite servers are specifically designed with Red Hat Linux in mind, and while Red Hat would love to rule the world, their master plan has yet to include Red Hat Satellite from pushing updates to Microsoft Windows. I imagine you already know that Microsoft already has their own product called “WSUS”.

But that being said, many companies are switching from Microsoft products to Red Hat, or other Linux derivatives.

Hi Hinton,

Thanks alot for you reply i really appreciate, some more thing i want to know about satellite server. 1. Is satellite server or capsule server needs to configure on different VM's. 2. I have to implement this in a data center having 3 different rooms. 3. how many VM's i need to configure for this and hardware configuration (best performance for a data centre).

Please provide me the information it would be really helpful for me to implement it and the connection diagram for a datacentre of satellite server .

Thanks in advance