Can I use NFS mount as /tmp/export directory on satellite 6.2 for import purpose?

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I am ready to run hammer import on Satellite 6.2 after I finished running export from satellite 5. However instead of keeping spacewalk_export.tar.gz on /tmp on satellite 6 as suggested by RedHat, I have created a NFS mount as /mnt/Sat_export/ under which I have spacewalk_export.tar.gz. My question is can I use this NFS mount as equivalent to /tmp after changing apache permission? If so, what need to be done on SELinux side?
Also, can I use /var directory instead of /tmp for the import on satellite 6? Thanks.


I have tested this and NFS works. Just need to make sure the apache permission on the directory and SElinux setting.

I'd highly recommend against mounting anything on /tmp (in particular) or /var itself, but you could mount to a subdirectory such as /var/www/html/pub/content .

When I do a satellite export from my server, when I go to import it, I place it in a web-facing location with enough storage to hold the updates.

One thing I do to reduce the size/footprint of the 800+GB is do a hardlink -cv /path/to/import. Be careful, only do this against the import directory, and hopefully, before you have put it (let's say) on an external drive (you have to rsync -Hau where the "-H" carries the hardlinks). I reduce my export from over 800GB to just under 200GB. The "hardlink" command does a deduplication of rpms in this case (My Red Hat Technical Account Manager "TAM" told me about the hardlink command in this scenario).

In order to import the channels, you will need to have it visible from the web server. So perhaps /var/www/html/pub/content (of course with proper permissions, and verify selinux contexts)

I have found when I do a content-view export (thank you Rich Jerrido of Red Hat), I end up with a number of sub-directories that lead to a "content" folder and that's where everything is kept.

In my case, the rsync carried the selinux contexts because I placed it under the existing web directory.

Are you really taking an export from a Satellite 5 to Satellite 6? I've only done an export from one satellite 6 to another satellite 6 system (or a v5 to another v5 in the past).