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I've just spotted that EX318 is updated to RHV 4.1 but the course is still 3.5. I think that 4.1 course was available in Early Access but now it's gone. Could you please update course to 4.1? I'm preparing to take EX318 in February and I would like to have some time to prepare properly :)

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I am also planning to take EX318 in February. Will anybody please confirm as to when the course will be updated to RHEV 4.1? Also, why has it been taken down from Early Access page? And why does it show "retired" in front of this exam? Will this exam not be offered in future anymore? I believe it should be offered because Virtualization is one of the hottest technologies of today. Please provide an update on this soon.

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I can see there is already version 4.1 in rol.redhat.com. I think it's quite often that new version appears first in rol and later in rhls..

Red Hat Learning Subscription is a superset product that includes any online modality classes. When a new class is released, like an updated RH318, it is automatically added to the Subscription when it is published into the production catalog.


Hi Scott. I've just checked Red Hat Learning Subscription and there is still old version "rh318-3.5-5.r43799" as Jacek mentioned on rol.redhat.com I can see new version o this course "rh318-4.1-1" I have completed old version of RH318 training does it mean I can't retake this training after version change? I would like to know if it's a blocker to see new version of a training?

Exam in kiosk is only available for version 4.1. Don't think you still would be able to find classroom exam for version 3.5 (not available in kiosk) as it's even no longer supported..

You are right about exam but I'm having problem accessing new version of RH318 training on Red Hat Learning Subscription.

Sounds like it might be time for a Support case, hint hint.

I know the v4.1 class is there. It could be that the automatic targeting from the standard portal needs to be updated or something similar. (We would want to track those kinds of needs in a system other than community discussions.)

If you access the RH318, go to the "Table of Contents" tab. Access the "Versions" pulldown, version 4.1 should be present and accessible. Until whatever the technical issue causing you to automatically go to 3.5 instead of the latest version is, you'll have to use this work-around to get you to the v4.1 content.

When opening the support case, be sure to include your: Subscription Level (Standard or Basic) Username A description of the issue along with what you expect to occur when you perform the task that is problematic. Steps to reproduce the issue, if applicable.


Thank you very much for your help Scott it works :)

Still open the support case though, otherwise fixing this will never make it into our engineering/ops queue, and you'll be forced to change the version, manually, every time you access RH318.


I've actually had a similar case open for a while regarding CL210. Unfortunately after ping-ponging for over a month with Support, they weren't able to solve it. seems like the issue is still present till today.


I looked up your case. It's currently in state "Closed". I see the last update on the case is that the support engineer says they'll raise it with engineering. That likely happened, however, it appears that it wasn't fixed, and without an open case, to prompt the TSE to continue to advocate for the work, it was forgotten.

I would suggest that you re-open the case and indicate that almost 2 months later, it still has not been resolved.

Having been on the other side of the support queue, there are some times where issues reported by customers shouldn't be kept open until resolved. Such as typos, for these, we have a bug tracking system, and the typo, if it's not in something like a lab commandline, will sit in there until the next revision of the course. Because there's not going to be an immediate outcome from your reporting of the issue, accepting a closure, because the TSE logged the issue in our bug tracking system, without the result of an updated book, would be appropriate. And maybe you felt that way about this case. The TSE said the work would be done, so the case was closed. However, it's perfectly fine to re-open a case like that if the work has not been completed.


The course was released and is now offered in the normal catalog. As a result, it was removed from Early Access.

Internally, we've already talked about having a notification type that displays in Early Access that we can turn on and off and populate with content as courses move from Early Access to our Production catalog. That feature is in our development backlog, but for now, if the class disappears from Early Access, it's because it's moved into production.


Thank you Scott and Jacek. This valuable information helps.

Case opened I'll let you know about resolution.


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