Any idea how to convert from UEFI back to Legacy Grub?

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Any idea how to convert from UEFI back to Legacy Grub?

The kernel wants to do EFI boot and looks for grub.efi
and the article below fails to cover that issue.

(How to convert RHEL system from UEFI & GPT to legacy BIOS & MBR



Some of this depends on the vendor's hardware. I've had to do this at the BIOS or other BIOS-like interface on a mixture of servers.

While I may not necessarily be able to respond, what hardware are you using? Make, Model... This will help hunt down the procedure for your specific hardware. What BIOS level is your system at?

If it is a workstation, some workstations we are receiving come with a seeming inability use anything but UEFI, but there are ways around it, just not highly documented, and again, in this case, in this paragraph, it the procedure was specific to that hardware in question.

I keep finding this page, but the link posted results in "Access Denied" for me. Can we post the answer in this thread?

Would running these two commands work for a drive with MBR?

grub2-install /dev/sda
grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

did this ever get resolved for you?