RHEL7 Use Active Directory Authentication and Passwordless SSH

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Hello RHEL universe,

So I have a bunch of RHEL7 servers with Active Directory Authentication enabled on them.
The method I followed to make this work is describe here:

Now, I would like to have my user who connects to those servers through Active Directory Authentication have the ability to connect to the other servers passwordless.

In other words, the users connects to any servers with their password and after that when ever they want to jump to another linux server it's passwordless.

Of course, I'm talking about ssh connectivity.

Any ideas?

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You'll likely want to look up GSSAPI token forwarding (or ticket delegation). My recollection is that OpenSSHD usually allows it by default. Similarly, if you're using an up to date, GSSAPI-compatible SSH client, token-forwarding should be enabled by default.

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