OpenShift Templates: Set parameter values with the help of a second file

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Hey guys,

So I am in the situation where I have an OpenShift Template with a lot of parameters. Depending on the situation and environment I am working with, I would like to set these to different values. Currently I am doing this is by just overwriting them with the "-p" flag when processing the template with the oc command. So for example I would do something like this

Environment 1

oc process -f template-location.yaml -p PARAMETER1=environment1value -p PARAMETER2=environment1value ... | oc create -f -

Environment 2

oc process -f template-location.yaml -p PARAMETER1=environment2value -p PARAMETER2=environment2value ... | oc create -f -

...and so forth for every other environment.

What I would like to know was, whether it is possible to offload the value of these parameters in to a separate file (maybe yaml or json aswell) and read them in from there. So that for example something similar to this is possible (Note: the "-p" switch there is just meant as a stand in):

Environment 1

oc process -f template-location.yaml -p environment1-values.yaml  | oc create -f -

Environment 2

oc process -f template-location.yaml -p environment2-values.yaml  | oc create -f -

Especially from a DevOps perspective this would be really nice, as you could just check-in the value files into VCS as well.

Is there a functionality like this? Or do you guys maybe have an even better idea? Unfortunately I could not find anything in the documentation.


Oh sorry I was looking at the wrong version of the OpenShift Documentation, actually in the Docs for 3.5, 3.6 it is described in detail. Sorry my bad.

from "If you have large number of parameters, you can store them in a file and then pass this file to oc process:"

$ cat postgres.env
$ oc process -f my-rails-postgresql --param-file=postgres.env