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I am curious how to perform offline updates of a RHELsystem (and stay within the same minor version, not upgrade).

I've read several articles that state downloading the most recent ISO, then mounting it, running createrepo, editing the repository to point to the ISO, and then performing yum update. However, this doesn't work. It appears that despite the ISO saying last modified approximately 1 month ago, that it doesn't actually contain any of the package updates or errata updates listed for the product.

Are the updates published in the ISO's and updated frequently and are able to be updated using the steps above? Or are we forced to use another Red Hat product to update offline systems? Unfortunately purchasing an additional Red Hat product will most likely not be feasible so I'd prefer any thoughts on procedures to do this manually.


any luck in this?

I don't believe the ISOs get package updates between minor releases so they won't help here. You can however use yum reposync or dnf reposync to download packages on a system that does have internet access.