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I have 100 hypervisors, all of them reporting by vert-who in satellite. Out of 100 I have rule in VMWARE to create Redhat VM on 20 hypervisors because of licensing. I want to search in Satellite 6.2.10 in Content-Hosts/hammer command all Virt-Who who has Virtual Guest (content hosts) greater than >1

I can search virt-who but missing the AND condition



Can you please explain just why you are searching hypervisors with more than 1 virtual guest?

It seems you want to restrict virtual guests to only specific hypervisors. If that's the case, you can achieve that goal with virt-who configuration options. For details, see Limiting the Scope of virt-who Access [1].


The reason, if we have new hypervisor added in our cluster and some VMs were created on this, at least I know and can add license to that hypervisor (as mentioned earlier we have limited licenses for Virtual Data Centre)