Can we do RHCJA (jboss eap 7 administration ) certification without a course ?

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Hi Redhat,

Can some one give clarity on this.
I have work experience on jboss eap 7 and want to do certification. Is redhat will allow to do certification without a course ?. My self i am confident towards exam that i can clear. Many institutions are not allowing without course to the exam. Need some answer from redhat on this.



Hi Veera,

The inofficial answer is yes you can. I say that, because I discussed this with the training team at the EMEA partner conference this spring. The site states: following training or that level of knowledge.

If in doubt call the training team in your region.

The Red Hat Learning Subscribers ask question like yours, why they have to fullfil a 90% completion requirement. In a discussion it was stated that this requirement is removed.


Jan Gerrit Regards,

Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Thanks Jan for your quick response.

thanks for information