Issues updating Red Hat Gluster Storage specifically Samba - RHSA-2017-2338

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In regards to RHSA-2017-2338, I have a RHEL 7 server box being used for software testing/development in an enterprise environment. Our Nessus scanner is detecting numerous samba files such as 'samba,' 'samba-client,' 'samba-common-libs,' 'samba-libs,' etc all require updates as they are currently on version 4.6.2 while the current version is 4.6.3.

I have run 'yum update' and additionally specifically pointed yum to the packages 'yum update samba-client' however it states all packages are up to date. I even uninstalled samba 4.6.2 but this is still the only version available for me to install. This machine does have an active subscription and only the default repos have been configured. I was hoping an update wasn't officially available, but after reading the advisory it seems there is one.

I'm fairly new to RHEL and linux in general so hopefully I'm missing something simple. Thanks for your time.



Hi Joseph,

Execute sudo yum list samba* to see if the new version is already available in the repository, if not, maybe it was held back.
Linux distributions do not always necessarily ship the latest versions of software packages. Red Hat sticks to thoroughly tested packages and provides them only when there is (nearly) no problem to expect. So, nothing to worry about, you simply can ignore what your external scanner reports. There are rolling distro releases from other vendors out there, like openSUSE Tumbleweed for example, where the latest available packages are provided. But using such a system includes a high possibility of being hit by bugs.

Cheers :)

Excellent to hear. I suspected this but thank you for clarifying for me Christian. Have a great weekend!

You're welcome, Joseph - I checked it on my Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.4 and there the latest stable version available and installed is 4.6.2 as well, so everything is okay. Nice weekend for you too.