RHEL 7 Teaming NICs With "loadbalance" Mode Issues

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I teamed two NICs with "loadbalance" mode and my network got into loopback (broadcast storm). I did not configure anything special on the Juniper switch. If I unplugged one cable then it works just fine.

Is there a bug or the "loadbalance" mode should not be in production?



No, you need to configure the switchports into a group. This is called EtherChannel or Port-Channel or port group or bundle or many other names, depending on your switch. It's the switch's equivalent of bonding/teaming and is a requirement to use the loadbalance team mode.

Hi Jamie,

According to Red Hat, two modes, "activebackup" and "loadbalance" don't need to configure switch. Am I wrong or I didn't read the docs right?

Here is the link: https://access.redhat.com/solutions/65433

Thanks, James