Installing elasticsearch

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I'm needing help installing a standalone instance of elasticsearch. I've found the openshift3/logging-elasticsearch image and have been trying to work with that but there has been some weirdness.

It doesn't seem to ship with an elasticsearch.yml config and so I've been trying to create one with all the properties manually set but I keep running into more and more problems that make it seem like I'm doing something wrong. Currently I'm getting errors about not having the searchguard keystore files and I haven't figured out how to generate those yet.

I did just find the "deployer" at but that's deprecated in favor of the openshift-logging role which isn't completely built out yet as far as I can tell? And with both of those options it looks like it installs a several services when all I really want is elasticsearch.

I'm pretty new to openshift and all the ancillary services so any help or indications of what I'm doing wrong would be really appreciated!


I second the request for any help, I can't get the openshift3/logging-elasticsearch image, the docker hub official but deprecated elasticsearch image, or the new image to spin up. Every one starts to throw errors about missing or malformed configuration variables.

Getting the openshift3/logging-elasticsearch image up and running would be great. Thanks in advance for any help!

Hello Josh and William - Your posting is very, very old (almost four years ago!) We are now well into OpenShift 4.x. However, I am concerned for anyone with the same questions as you have. Does this link provide any help?