Why cant i find the pv command in rhel7

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Im trying to use the pv command in my rhel7 but couldn't find it both on my system and any rhel7 repos.
why is that and from where can i install it?


Looking for pvs?

yes its in the EPEL repo but i find it a bit strange that this rpm is not to be found in rhel official repos.

I searched on the knowledgebase and Bugzilla but could not find any references to "pv pipe viewer" so it seems nobody has asked for it before.

If you have a good business case for its inclusion in RHEL we'd welcome a support case to consider a Request For Enhancement:

Is there a command similar to Pipe viewer in the RHEL's repositor?

Hi Jamie,

I just got one that could be a valuable case for pv in mainstream RHEL: creation of gzip archive and removal of original files in parallel:


Check the bottom of the discussion in the forum and look for Shell script GZIP.sh


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