How to configure any fingerprint usb device on rhel 7?

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please who have any experience on how to configure drivers of fingerprint on RHEL 7.2
please share your experience here..
thank you


There is actually not very much to configure.

You would need to install the fprintd RPM and its dependencies (including the libfprint library, which will handle the actual fingerprint devices) in order to test the fingerprint reader and to register fingerprints. The libfprint library will auto-detect any supported fingerprint devices. Please see "man fprintd" for commands for registering/verifying/deleting fingerprints for users.

Once you've verified that your fingerprint reader model is supported and works, you could then install and configure fprintd-pam to actually authenticate to the system using fingerprints. Configuring is usually as simple as running "authconfig --enablefingerprint", unless you want to enable it for specific services only.

Or if you only need fingerprint functionality in a particular application (e.g. you're building a prototype for an automated passport checking system for biometric passports), then you could use the functions available in the libfprint library directly in your application. For that, please see the API documentation at

I am using a Dell 7520 with build-in fingerprint reader and have (D-bus)

 # yum list fprintd libfprint
 Loaded plugins: langpacks, product-id, search-disabled-repos, subscription-
          : manager
 Installed Packages
 fprintd.x86_64               0.5.0-4.0.el7_0             @anaconda/7.4          
 libfprint.x86_64             0.5.0-4.el7                 @anaconda/7.4          
 Available Packages
 libfprint.i686               0.5.0-4.el7                 rhel-7-workstation-rpms

and I have

 #fprintd-enroll myself
 list_devices failed: No devices available

  # systemctl status fprintd
  ● fprintd.service - Fingerprint Authentication Daemon
    Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/fprintd.service; static; vendor preset: disabled)
 Active: inactive (dead)
 Docs: man:fprintd(1)
 Nov 20 15:45:27 d_1 fprintd[10824]: Launching FprintObject
 Nov 20 15:45:27 d_1 fprintd[10824]: D-Bus service launched with name: net.r...nt
 Nov 20 15:45:27 d_1 fprintd[10824]: entering main loop
 Nov 20 15:45:27 d_1 systemd[1]: Started Fingerprint Authentication Daemon.
 Nov 20 16:35:49 d_1 systemd[1]: Starting Fingerprint Authentication Daemon...
 Nov 20 16:35:49 d_1 fprintd[12036]: Launching FprintObject
 Nov 20 16:35:49 d_1 fprintd[12036]: D-Bus service launched with name: net.r...nt
 Nov 20 16:35:49 d_1 fprintd[12036]: entering main loop
 Nov 20 16:35:49 d_1 systemd[1]: Started Fingerprint Authentication Daemon.
 Nov 20 16:36:19 d_1 fprintd[12036]: No devices in use, exit
 Hint: Some lines were ellipsized, use -l to show in full.

What am I missing?

Unfortunately, it looks like your fingerprint reader is not supported by the libfprint library. Knowing the vendor and device ID numbers of the reader (available in lsusb command output, if you can identify which of the listed devices is the fingerprint reader) would help in knowing for sure.

Apparently either Dell uses a type of fingerprint reader that is unknown to libfprint as yet, or it might be that Dell rebrands some other manufacturer's fingerprint readers to use Dell's USB identifiers and nobody has yet figured out the real manufacturer and model of the "Dell" fingerprint readers yet.

Here is a link to some discussion I found about fingerprint readers on Linux. Apparently Dell is removing the fingerprint reader option from the laptops they're selling with Ubuntu pre-installed, rather than adding Linux support for the reader.

It looks like the communication between the reader and its driver is encrypted, and the reader manufacturer is not willing to disclose the encrypted protocol. Obviously a key for any hard-wired encryption would have to be included in the driver, and if the driver is open-source, that encryption key would no longer be secret. So it might be a case of unfortunate design choices...

A reverse engineering effort for certain Validity/Synaptics fingerprint readers seems to exist, and at least some Dell models seem to use the readers covered by that project.

In my Thinkpad Carbon X1, I cannot find a way to use the fingerprint auth. With Fedora 27 was running without problems... I am using REDHAT EL Desktop. Anybody can test this? My machine is certified by REDHAT... How can I solve-it?


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