Rendering Issues With Discussion Forums

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Has anyone noticed that on discussions that exceed one page worth of thread-comments, that rendering on other than the first page gets messed up. At first, I'd assumed it was just an issue with Chrome, but it does the same thing in Firefox. Thread that most immediately comes to mind is the STIG discussion thread.


Hi Thomas,

Happens for me regardless of browser but only on New year, new thread? (RHEL 7 STIG). A different two-page thread is fine Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 STIG

I assumed it was an issue with an HTML tag which isn't closed/cleaned up correctly in one of the comments in that thread.

Hey guys. We're aware of this issue and it should be fixed shortly. Thanks for the report.

Hello David,

I would liketo add that Ajax error occur if you use multiple empty lines or using quotes or double quotes.


Jan Gerrit

And I consistently get AJAX errors if I have to login, mid-thread, to post a reply. Usually have to exit out of the article, back to the thread-list, then re-enter the article. Sometimes, I can get away with just a few s within the article. But the AJAX error on response-login is pretty consistent in both Chrome and Firefox.

Same here, F5 (reload) usually helps.