RHCE Certification lab (RH299R) - GB not lauching getting an error

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All the courses RHCE Certification lab (RH299R) - GB and RHCE Certification lab (RH299R) - DE are not lauching. I have tried both courses to launch them, however they are not working.

Please can you check this. Please see the enclosed screenshot.

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Everything should be back up. Please verify.

sorry but nothing is back up. I have in the meantime opened a ticket by Red Hat, they are working on the issue.

almost all video training except the intro are able to play : start video RH124 only short intro is able to play , other session failed with status: Error playing file: unknown playback error

It looks like there might be a generic issue, for other people complain about the RH442 Performance and Tuning video class.

Opening a support case is definitely the right avenue for this type of issue.

We had a series of unfortunate events over the last week'ish around Video Classroom courses. We recently launched an RH124 Systems Administration I course in Spanish, which required a variety of changes to the interface code around supporting this first alternative language Video Classroom course. In the process of adding multi-language support, we broke some other Video Classroom courses. Then, when we fixed those, we broke non-Video Classroom courses for a bit. I'm just returning from PTO, and our team is going to be having a conversation about how we apply 'hotfixes' to the platform ...

At this point, all the intermittent, weird access issues for content should be resolved now. If not, open a support case and we'll provide some individual attention as we're not aware of any platform-wide issues.

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