Session Not Maintained after configuring Mod Cluster

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I have Installed web server and configure mod_cluster in it. It distribute web server request to two application server which is going to response.
Wen I hit Web server, my request going to distribute properly till login page of application.
But after login, It application server will not carry the same session id and hence, I am not able to login in to system

If I am directly hit app server or down the other App server and Hit web server, all things works properly.

My httpd config file is as per below.

LoadModule slotmem_module modules/
LoadModule manager_module modules/
LoadModule proxy_cluster_module modules/
LoadModule advertise_module modules/
MemManagerFile /var/cache/httpd


Order deny,allow
Allow from all

KeepAliveTimeout 60
MaxKeepAliveRequests 0
ManagerBalancerName mycluster
ServerAdvertise On
AdvertiseFrequency 3
EnableMCPMReceive true
AllowDisplay On

Order deny,allow
Allow from all
Require all granted

SetHandler mod_cluster-manager
Order deny,allow
Deny from all
Allow from all

while my jboss - standalone-ha.xml entry as per below



Please help me to resolve this issue..

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