Successfully installing JBoss and mod_jk

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I have an eval copy of REHL7.3 which I downloaded in the form of a DVD ISO.
I started a new VM with that and installed fine.
Been install a host of necessary applications with yum, successfully.
The application I'm testing on this platform requires Tomcat and mod_jk
Research led me to getting an eval copy of Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.
It comes in a zip file.
No permutation of unzip/yum/rpm provides me a means to install
(or know that I already have and how to configure)
this product.
Please help!


Hi Khoa,

If you just need Tomcat and mod_jk, Red Hat has a product that contains supported distributions of Tomcat and Apache HTTP Server: Red Hat JBoss Web Server. Google on how to get an eval copy of that, and the JBoss Web Server HTTP Connectors and Load Balancing Guide has instructions on how to configure mod_jk:

If you do want to use Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (which has a lot more 'enterprise' features compared to Tomcat) with mod_jk, see the JBoss EAP Configuration Guide for instructions.

However, if you will be usingJBoss Web Server or JBoss EAP, I would strongly recommend that you use the superior mod_cluster connector instead of mod_jk. You can read about the differences between the two connectors here and here.

Edit: oh, and to answer your original question, you can see the instructions for installing a zip package of JBoss EAP in the Installation Guide:

I hope this clears things up a bit for you :).