Clients show as "Unentitled" in Satellite despite being registered with valid entitlements

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I registered 30 RHEL workstations to a Satellite server, and the first 21 went just fine. I was running the same commands from a cheat sheet on each of them, so theoretically everything should be exactly the same.
However, with the last 9, the details window lists the "Subscription" field as "Unentitled", and I can't figure out why. If I run "subscription-manager list --consumed" on them, they have a valid subscription for RHEL Workstation (Standard) good until next January.
They all appear to be registered correctly - "subscription-manager identity" shows the same information on each one.
We have 50 licenses so there should be 20 licenses to spare, so lack of licenses shouldn't be an issue. However, under "Content | Subscriptions" it says only 21 out of 50 licenses are being used, not 30.
Running "subscription-manager list --available --all" doesn't list any available licenses for RHEL workstation.




If 21/50 licenses appear on Satellite as in use, the last 9 workstations might not have registered properly. Are you able to view all 30 workstations in Satellite? Hosts -> All Hosts

It might be worth trying subscription-manager unregister then subscription-manager register on the unentitled.

You mentioned subscription-manager identity shows the same information on each workstation. Are the system identity and name fields unique on each workstation?


Did you resolve this? I'm having a similar problem.