Satellite 6 as OpenShift App?

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Something I'd dearly like to see, but have no idea how alone I am with this idea; running Satellite 6 as a fully scalable OpenShift app.

By this I mean a clustered DB backend, with elastic scaling Puppet nodes behind an LB, Foreman nodes behind LBs etc. The full works. Everything broken down to a reasonable level where services could be put behind LBs and scaled on demand.

I know the whole MongoDB issue is a blocker here, but that's being worked on. Would anyone else like the idea of pushing a button to get a elastic scaling Satellite 6 implementation up and running?



Good idea. Fine tuning for performance and stability would be crucial to making it a success.

You are not alone Duncan :). Infact that the future, every application should get containerised. That will make it more easy to deploy and more easy to scale. Seems like they are working on it

I could see the main Satellite server working as a set of containerized components within OpenShift (and as Swapnil has pointed out, foreman is already containerized), but you might still need capsules to handle some of the main tasks (DHCP, DNS, PXE boot, content management and storage). It's doable, but might require some architecture planning to get it working.


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