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Quick question (I hope!).

I just set up a new Satellite server with an online installation - i.e. it did "yum update" just fine and did "yum install satellite" just fine. So the server is able to communicate with Redhat, generally speaking.

To get out to Redhat, the server needs to go through a proxy server, so I put the proxy settings in /etc/rhsm/rhsm.conf and in /etc/environment.

When I go to get the initial rpm repositories though (in Content | RPM repositories), I'm getting "connection refused - connect (2) for "" port 443" errors.

I did a tcpdump packet capture on the Satellite server and it appears the traffic is ignoring the proxy server and trying to go directly to the * and the *.Akamai websites without going through the proxy.

I also did a packet capture from the proxy server and the traffic never gets to the proxy server.

So, it looks like whatever application trying to get the rpm data isn't reading the proxy settings in the rhsm.conf file or the /etc/environment file. Is there another location where the proxy information needs to be entered?



To configure Red Hat Satellite to traverse a proxy server when downloading content from the Red Hat CDN, RPMs, for example, you must complete these tasks:

  1. Configure Satellite via the installer's "--katello-proxy-*" parameters.
  2. Configure the HTTP proxy to allow Satellite access to the Red Hat CDN.
  3. Configure the local Subscription Manager client on the Satellite Server so that it's aware of the proxy. This configuration is in /etc/rhsm/rhsm.conf.

From what you have described, it seems you have successfully completed tasks 2 and 3, so I believe it's only task 1 which remains to be done.

You have not mentioned which version of Red Hat Satellite you're running, but the steps are very similar for both Satellite 6.2 and Satellite 6.1.

Satellite 6.2

See the following section of the Red Hat Satellite 6.2 Installation Guide : Configuring Satellite Server with HTTP Proxy

Satellite 6.1

See the following section of the Red Hat Satellite 6.1 Installation Guide : Configuring Red Hat Satellite with an HTTP Proxy

Note that when you re-run the installer, either "satellite-installer" (Satellite 6.2+) or "katello-installer" (Satellite 6.0 and 6.1), with the proxy parameters, you will not overwrite the existing configuration options. The installer stores all previous configuration settings, so any additional parameters add to the existing configuration, or overwrite existing configuration settings if you specify the same parameter.

If you follow the linked instructions, and the issue remains, please either reply here or raise a support request with Red Hat.

Russell - thanks, that did the trick. (I tried to post a "thanks" response yesterday but it wouldn't go through for some reason)


Great to hear! It's great to know my suggestion worked. Thank you for replying.

Hoping someone is still watching this thread.

What would be the recommended method to remove the proxy from the satellite configuration?

Not sure why this is happening when trying to set the proxy on a satellite 6.8 install.

satellite-installer --scenario satellite -v --katello-proxy-url= --katello-proxy-port=8080 ERROR: Unrecognised option '--katello-proxy-url'

[root@hqchsat1 plugins.conf.d]# satellite-installer --upgrade --katello-proxy-url "" --katello-proxy-port 8080 -vvvv ERROR: Unrecognised option '--katello-proxy-url'

See: 'satellite-installer --help'

Doing the satellite-installer --help doesn't shows me only the following options for katello

= Module katello: --katello-enable-deb Enable debian content plugin (current: false) --katello-enable-docker Enable docker content plugin (current: true) --katello-enable-file Enable generic file content management (current: true) --katello-enable-ostree Enable ostree content plugin, this requires an ostree install (current: true) --katello-enable-puppet Enable puppet content plugin (current: true) --katello-enable-yum Enable rpm content plugin, including syncing of yum content (current: true) --katello-pulp-max-speed The maximum download speed per second for a Pulp task, such as a sync. (e.g. "4 Kb" (Uses SI KB), 4MB, or 1GB" ) (current: UNDEF) --katello-repo-export-dir Directory to create for repository exports (current: "/var/lib/pulp/katello-export")