Installing Openshift on EC2

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I want to try manually installing Openshift in Amazon EC2 following this guide

I'm currently stuck in these steps..

On each host, register with RHSM:

subscription-manager register --username= --password=

List the available subscriptions:

subscription-manager list --available

No available subscription pools to list

I already have my 30 day evaluation trial period active.


[root@ip-172-31-9-178 ec2-user]# subscription-manager list

+-------------------------------------------+ Installed Product Status +-------------------------------------------+ Product Name: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Public Beta Product ID: 226 Version: 7.0 Beta Arch: x86_64 Status: Not Subscribed Status Details: Not supported by a valid subscription. Starts: Ends:

Product Name: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Product ID: 69 Version: 7.2 Arch: x86_64 Status: Subscribed Status Details: Starts: 07/23/2016 Ends: 08/21/2016

I hope you've already figured it out by now, just in case you didn't .. May be you've already used your subscription and then deleted the environment and want to start over, in this case you have to delete the registered systems from your management console here

Check out my course below, I have created a fully functional environment on AWS, you might find it helpful

Good luck