JBOSS EAP 6.4 Mod_cluster connection issue with multiple domain name

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We are forwarding our request to EAP 6.4 from JWS 3.0.2 using mod_cluster.

In our application three domains are hosted in one application.
Our domains are localwww.XXX.com,localwww.YYY.com,localwww.ZZZ.com
In our hosts file the following are the entries for localhost. localwww.XXX.com localwww.YYY.com localwww.ZZZ.com

For localwww.XXX.com domain we can able to access the applicaiton server through Webserver.
But ,the issue is that When the we are accessing localwww.YYY.com and localwww.ZZZ.com domains the url is getting forwarded to localwww.XXX.com as it is the first line present in hosts file.If the order is changed in hosts file the same thing is replicated for other two domains.
How to configure different domains using mod_cluster