# of RHCS Cluster Fence devices

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This may sound simple, but, is the recommended # of Fenced devices important (in a 2 node cluster have both servers ipmilan lan information listed in the Fence Method wrong?)?

  <clusternode name="ms02" nodeid="2">
                            <method name="Method1">
                                    <device name="ilo-ms01"/>       <==IS it wrong to have both nodes lan defined (SAME FOR NODE 1)
                                    <device name="ilo-ms02"/>      <==

Do we just chose which node to fence?


Sorry. the code marks deleted the text.

I configuring for Cluster Redhat with Pacemaker. My next step is config for Fence device agent, my question: - I have two Dell Server Physical R740, running redhat 7.4. I have to config neither Fence devie with 2 ip address IDRAC port for each nodes or only config one ip address IDRAC port to 2 nodes.

(please make sure of syntax, but this is the general idea) For PaceMaker, you enter both IDRAC ipaddress. Then you set the stonith level, NODE 1:>pcs stonith idrac2 level =1 and NODE 2:> pcs stonith idrac1 level =1, unless you want to always kill a defined node ) Node 1:> pcs stonith idrac1 level =1; Node 2:> pcs stonith idrac1 level=1 Red hat suggests to have 2 fence methods in case one does not work or fails, as in a network failure prevents access to the IDRAC port. Then Node1:> pcs stonith level 1=idrac1; pcs stonith level 2= ; Node 2:> pcs stonith level 1 =idrac1; pcs stonith level 2=

Dear Mathew, Thanks for the explanation but could you kindly make more details explanation on how to set this fencing with the IDRAC regards