Schema validation not working in EAP 6.3.2

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I've a SOAP Service running on EAP 6.3.2. Recently I recognized that my Service isn't any more validating the messages against the xsd.
It worked with EAP 6.2 and now we use the same configuration :

<subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:webservices:1.2">
            <endpoint-config name="Standard-Endpoint-Config">
                <property name="schema-validation-enabled" value="true"/>
            <endpoint-config name="Recording-Endpoint-Config">
                <pre-handler-chain name="recording-handlers" protocol-bindings="##SOAP11_HTTP ##SOAP11_HTTP_MTOM ##SOAP12_HTTP ##SOAP12_HTTP_MTOM">
                    <handler name="RecordingHandler" class=""/>
            <client-config name="Standard-Client-Config"/>

Here my webservice:

@WebServiceProvider(serviceName = "BusinessWebservice", wsdlLocation = "META-INF/wsdl/BusinessWebservice.wsdl", targetNamespace = "", portName = "BusinessPort")
public class BusinessServiceImpl implements BusinessPort {

The wsdl is in META-INF because the service is packed into an ejb, not a war. But exept the migration from EAP 6.2 to 6.3.2 it's exactly the same.
Has there changed something how to configure or is this a bug?




Oh mon dieu, I've just patched my EAP to 6.3.3 and there it's fixed.

Michael - Apologies for the late reply. It's great that schema validation is working after you patched the JBoss EAP instance to 6.3.3. I have looked briefly over the JBoss EAP 6.3 CP3 Release Notes [1] and can't see which issue might be related.