Cannot create directory :too many limits

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We have Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.2 (Tikanga) 64 bit server. Kernel is 2.6.18-92.el5. Partition is ext3.

We are running opennms in it, We have around 32999 files/folders in a folder. As the maximum limit reached, we are unable to create files of folder.

Which is the better option to fix the issue
1. converting ext3 to ext4 post taking a backup
2. Upgrading kernel or OS and then converting ext3 to ext4.



ext4 became fully supported in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.6, so you will want to upgrade your kernel to at least 2.6.18-238. Later kernels will have additional fixes. You will also want e4fsprogs-1.41.12-2.el5 or later.

To upgrade from ext3 to ext4, we recommend taking a backup of the filesystem, creating a new filesystem, and restoring the files from backup.

Red Hat does NOT support upgrading ext3 to ext4 (in place) -- Although I believe it is technically possible.

I would consider that in your options.

Several years ago I had a discussion about this with the Director of Engineering for Filesystems. He indicated that upgrading in place would not change all aspects of the filesystem to ext4. It would not gain some of the performance improvements. I am not sure if the new limits would apply.

Additionally, as it is not supported, good luck if you run into problems with it.

Create a new ext4 filesystem and copy the data to the new filesystem.

Red Hat does NOT support upgrading ext3 to ext4 (in place) -- Although I believe it is technically possible.

I would consider that in your options.

First, you should SERIOUSLY upgrade from 5.2 to a newer supported version as you are missing out on many important security updates.

Second, this guide is the official answer to this. Create new ext4 filesystem, copy files over to it. This could be done with a server migration to RHEL 6 or 7 which would address both issues at same time (security+ext4)

Side note... I do not believe it is documented, but I have created RHEL 6 systems with ext4 during the kickstart for -all- file systems except for /boot. I still do this to this day, and the kickstarts with ext4 (again, except for /boot) work great.

As an intermediate solution, we planned to create a new partition and format as ext4 and copy the entire contents from ext3 file system, but now the problem there is no mkfs.ext4 in this OS. Can we format using reiserfs. ? for intermediate solution. Is reiserfs supported by Red Hat

Only the below is available
mkfs.cramfs mkfs.ext2 mkfs.ext3 mkfs.msdos mkfs.reiserfs mkfs.vfat

I believe you will need to install e4fsprogs (I don't have access to a RHEL 5 box at the moment to confirm).

You can validate/confirm by running

yum whatprovides */mkfs.ext4

I have never used Reiser on RHEL, but I personally would stick with extX.

I concur with James regarding riserfs, and to get 'mkfs.ext4' - you absolutely do need to do a

yum install e4fsprogs

to have mkfs.ext4 added. I've used it on RHEL 5 a lot, and just to verify, did the above yum install-- and it of course did indeed add mkfs.ext4