Patching a Red Hat Satellite Server

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Has anyone encountered any issues with patching a Red Hat Satellite server And are theer any things that need to be done before patching, apart from the obvious backup and stop rhs ?

We have a Red Hat Satellite server version 5.6.




I, personally, have not encountered errors by patching. I manage a Satellite which started off at 5.x .. then 5.4 then 5.4.1 ... 5.5 and most recently 5.6 (I think.. that was the succession).

Fortunately you are already at 5.6 - since that was a "big" upgrade.

Check out Section 3 in the following doc:

I have a script that runs weekly and every 4th week it runs an offline backup of the database. I also have a tarball created of the following

tar -cvf ${BACKUPDIR}/etc_sysconfig_rhn.tar /etc/sysconfig/rhn/
tar -cvf ${BACKUPDIR}/etc_rhn.tar /etc/rhn/
tar -cvf ${BACKUPDIR}/root_.gnupg.tar /root/.gnupg/
tar -cvf ${BACKUPDIR}/etc_httpd.tar /etc/httpd/
tar -cvf ${BACKUPDIR}/var_lib_cobbler.tar /var/lib/cobbler/
tar -cvf ${BACKUPDIR}/var_lib_rhn_kickstarts_upload.tar /var/lib/rhn/kickstarts/upload/
tar -cvf ${BACKUPDIR}/var_www_cobbler.tar /var/www/cobbler/
tar -cvf ${BACKUPDIR}/var_lib_nocpulse.tar /var/lib/nocpulse/
tar -cvf ${BACKUPDIR}/etc_tomcatX.tar /etc/tomcat*/
tar -cvf ${BACKUPDIR}/etc_cobbler.tar /etc/cobbler/

Currently I have to rely on our Enterprise Backup Solution to worry about the actual packages.
Here is what I have for disk usage for my backups (2014-10-05 was a offline db backup)

[root@rhnsat01 backups]# du -sh ./*
2.4G    ./2014-09-21
2.4G    ./2014-09-28
4.4G    ./2014-10-05

EDIT: I should add... I recommend that you review the ENTIRE patch process that Red Hat publishes (or even external folks) - rather than read along and do the tasks as you read them.

Hi James

Thanks for the very useful information and the added reference to the user guide. Most helpful :)


I'll add on to the good tips James said above... overwhelmingly, I've had minimal issues with patching my satellite servers from version 5.4 through current. (James, the succession of versions you cited is correct. The only issue I've faced was this one, RH solution ID 1158553, which was easy enough to fix on clients and the satellite server.

Thanks for the tar recommendation - will implement that.

5.7 will be coming out sometime soon I suspect.