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I have been tasked with setting up a RHEL server with apache 2.4. I am new to the RedHat/Linux/unix world so detailed instructions are appreciated. When I do a yum repolist I see repo id rhel-6-server-rpms. When I do a yum list httpd I only see version 2.2.15-xxxx. I did find that the new RedHat collection is supposed to have an Apache version 2.4 but I do not know how to go about acquiring it. I have RHEL 6.5. Thanks in advance.


Hi Gary, and welcome to the community.

Is there a specific reason that you have been tasked with 2.4 specifically? is it a feature they are after?

The only reason I ask, is (as you have already discovered) that 2.2 is the supported version shipped with RHEL 6.x, and as such is the most straightforward to install.

Installing 2.4 from the software collections repo has some minor support implications (ie. length of support) but it shouldn't impact you too greatly. Specific details can be found here:

The process for accessing Software Collections on the site isn't as clear as it could be (and is geared towards Satellite use).
1. Register for software collections to make it available on your account (this link specifically
2. Configure the repository on your server or in your Satellite server (if you are using Satellite)
3. Install Apache 2.4 on the server using yum as your normally would

Do you have a Satellite server configured in your environment?

Hi Gary,

The supported version of apache on RHEL 6.5 is 2.2.x. If you are specifically looking for apache 2.4 you should go for RHEL7 which comes with 2.4.x.

On RHEL6 you can download the 2.4 source and build it yourself but that will not be supported by Red Hat.

Swapnil Jain

RHEL 7 is definitely another option, but I would strongly suggest against building Apache from source for RHEL 6.x as a supported (packaged) 2.4 version is available from Red Hat through RHSCL.

We originally tried to go with RHEL 7 and Apache 2.4 but the HP Smartarray card was de-supported in 7. Red Hat support said it would be extremely involved and not supported if we were to get the old drivers into RHEL 7. We then went back to 6.5 and I was able to finally get the rhscl repository to be seen with some Red Hat support. Unfortunately since we were eventually going to put Shibboleth on this box for SAML/PKI authentication we ran into another problem. We decided to go with RHEL 6.5 and Apache 2.2 for now. Thanks for your responses.