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Is Ansible 2.10 fully supported by Red Hat?

Updated 2020-09-30T20:17:31+00:00

How has Ansible 2.10 changed compared to 2.9?

In March 2020 the Ansible Project migrated most all content out of the project and into discrete Ansible Collections. What's left is what's now called Ansible Base. For more detailed information of what went where upstream, please refer to the attached graphic.

What went where from Ansible 2.9 to 2.10?

What is Ansible Base 2.10 vs. Ansible 2.10?

Ansible Base 2.10 contains the minimal amount of modules and plugins in order for Ansible itself to function. This allows for additional plugins and modules to be installed separately via Collections from Ansible Galaxy or Ansible Automation Hub. Ansible 2.10 is the upstream community distribution that contains Ansible Base 2.10 as well as selected Collections.

Is Ansible 2.10 supported?

Ansible 2.10 is not supported by Red Hat. This is considered the Upstream project distribution.

Is Ansible Base 2.10 supported?

Ansible Base 2.10 is not supported by Red Hat, nor are there plans to package or release it to official downstream Red Hat distribution mechanisms such as the Customer Portal/CDN. Ansible customers are free to use the community version of Ansible Base for testing or development purposes, or self-supported environments.

Customers must continue using Ansible Engine 2.9 in order to maintain official support. Refer to the following Article for more detailed about the supported versions:
Red Hat Ansible Engine Life Cycle

Will future versions of Ansible Base be supported?

Eventually yes, Ansible Base will be shipped and supported by Red Hat. However the specific date and version of Ansible Base that will be supported has not been determined yet.