Why is my Account on Export Hold?

Why is my account on Export Hold?

The export control regulations of the United States and other jurisdictions prohibit the delivery of Red Hat products, services and technologies to denied or restricted parties and embargoed destinations. To comply with these regulations, Red Hat continuously screens all new and existing customer accounts against the relevant lists of denied and restricted parties and embargoed destinations.

Your transaction cannot be processed at this time because your account has been flagged for further review by our Export Compliance Team (“Export Hold”). An export hold is applied by our automated screening system when the information provided to Red Hat appears to match that of a denied party or an embargoed destination. Export holds can only be resolved by Red Hat’s Export Compliance Team.

What are common reasons why an order is flagged and placed on Export Hold?

  • Providing false information
  • Company/Organization name is entered as an acronym instead of the full name (e.g. UT instead of University of Texas)
  • Mailing address is incomplete or invalid
  • Incomplete First or Last name
  • First or Last name is similar to or matches someone on the restricted parties list
  • Company name is similar to a company listed on the restricted parties list

NOTE: We encourage customers to correct any false or incomplete data (name, address) that may have been provided when the customer created their account. For example, instead of providing a company name as acronym "BOP", we suggest entering the full name "Bank of Paldea". This will decrease your odds of a false positive export hold. Correcting or completing this data may resolve the export hold.

What are my next steps?

The Export Compliance Team has been notified that your account is on hold, and must conduct additional due diligence to resolve the Export Hold. We make every effort to resolve Export Holds as quickly as possible. Export Holds are reviewed and resolved M-F from 08:00 - 17:00 Eastern Time.

If you have re-attempted your transaction after 24-48 hours, and your account is still on Export Hold, you may open a ticket with us by emailing exporthold@redhat.com. NOTE: When contacting the Export Compliance Team, please provide the below information to help us resolve the Export Hold:

  • Red Hat Login
  • Email used to create your Red Hat account
  • First and Last name or Name of Company/Organization
  • Screenshot of the Export Hold message you are receiving

For more information about denied and restricted parties, please review the U.S. government Lists of Parties of Concern.