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481565: CVE-2009-0316 vim: untrusted python modules search path

The MITRE CVE dictionary describes this issue as:

Untrusted search path vulnerability in src/if_python.c in the Python interface in Vim before 7.2.045 allows local users to execute arbitrary code via a Trojan horse Python file in the current working directory, related to a vulnerability in the PySys_SetArgv function (CVE-2008-5983), as demonstrated by an erroneous search path for plugin/bike.vim in bicyclerepair.

Find out more about CVE-2009-0316 from the MITRE CVE dictionary dictionary and NIST NVD.


This issue did not affect vim as shipped in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and 4. This issue is not planned to be fixed in vim packages in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

Affected Packages State

Platform Package State
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 vim Will not fix
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 vim Not affected

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