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Buffer overflow in yaSSL, as used in MySQL 5.5.20 and possibly other versions including 5.5.x before 5.5.22 and 5.1.x before 5.1.62, allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via unspecified vectors, as demonstrated by VulnDisco Pack Professional 9.17. NOTE: as of 20120224, this disclosure has no actionable information. However, because the module author is a reliable researcher, the issue is being assigned a CVE identifier for tracking purposes. NOTE: due to lack of details, it is not clear whether this issue is a duplicate of CVE-2012-0492 or another CVE.

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We do not currently plan to fix this issue due to the lack of further
information about the flaw and its impact. If more information becomes
available at a future date, we may revisit the issue.

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2012-02-09 00:00:00




CVE-2012-0882 mysql: unspecified remote exploit (released with VulnDisco Pack Professional 9.17)

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789 141

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 mysql Under investigation
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 mysql Under investigation