Red Hat gluster storage

Agile. Flexible. Highly Available.

Red Hat Gluster Storage (formerly Red Hat Storage Server) provides an open, software-defined storage solution across physical, virtual, and cloud resources. Founded on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and GlusterFS, Red Hat Gluster Storage combines file storage with a scaled-out architecture that lets you efficiently store and manage unstructured data, providing cost-effective and highly available storage without compromising on scale or performance.

File sharding.

Distribute files in smaller pieces across bricks in a volume, and improve heal and sync processing.

Multithreaded self-heal.

Handle multiple heals in parallel on Replicate and Distribute-replicate volumes.

Enhanced gdeploy.

Take advantage of new configuration options when automating system administration tasks.

Enhanced geo-replication.

Run geo-replication periodically to synchronize between clusters or schedule to run automatically.

Get Started with Red Hat gluster storage

For a basic x86_64 installation, you'll need:

Installation Media

Download the Red Hat Gluster Storage ISO.

System Requirements

Your Red Hat Gluster Storage nodes should meet the system requirements .

30-45 Minutes

Installing and setting up a 2-node Red Hat Gluster Storage cluster will take about 10-15 minutes.



Erasure Coding

Erasure Coding with Red Hat Gluster Storage

Erasure coding is an advanced data protection mechanism that reconstructs corrupted or lost data by using information about the data that’s stored elsewhere in the storage system. Erasure coding provides failure protection beyond just single/double component failure and consumes less space than replication. Red Hat Gluster Storage enables quicker self-healing of erasure-coded volumes to improve performance during repair operations.

Arbiter Volumes

Lower infrastructure costs with arbiter volumes in Red Hat Gluster Storage

Arbiter volumes in Red Hat Gluster Storage can resolve conflicts in the event of data mismatch without requiring a third copy of the data. The smaller hardware footprint through arbiter volumes helps shrink infrastructure costs while maintaining the same level of data integrity.

Red Hat Storage - Introduction to GlusterFS

Solution Architect Jacob Shucart gives an introduction to the GlusterFS product, which provides scalable, flexible and affordable storage for customers.

Overview of GlusterFS Technology

Principal Software Engineer Jeff Darcy gives an overview of the GlusterFS technology and discusses common use cases as well as long term usage in the cloud.

Demystifying Gluster - Red Hat Storage for the SysAdmin

In this webinar by Senior Technical Account Manager Dustin Black, Red Hat Storage and GlusterFS are examined in detail, including a peek at GlusterFS logic, redundancy and fault tolerance, typical use cases, and common pitfalls.

Ten Reasons to Choose Red Hat Gluster Storage over EMC Isilon

Join our latest installment of "Hanging Out with Red Hat Storage" to see how Red Hat Gluster Storage stacks up against traditional options like EMC Isilon.

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Red Hat Gluster Storage Life Cycle

Red Hat offers subscription services for each major release of Red Hat Gluster Storage throughout four life-cycle phases—called Production 1, 2, and 3, and an Extended Life Phase.