Announcing the Red Hat Satellite 6.1 Beta

Red Hat Satellite is our flagship systems management software. There's a reason Satellite is a data center staple for system provisioning, configuration management, and content management. The beta for Satellite 6.1 is now ready for you to test out, with improvements and enhancements for all points of content and lifecycle management, tighter Active Directory integration, and stronger system management options.

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Featured Enhancements

  • Errata Management

    Review and apply errata to a single host or an entire collection -- and the workflow is now cleaner, simpler, and easier. Identify which systems need an errata, check errata by content repository, and manage notifications. Learn more.
  • Container Management

    Complete lifecycle management for Linux containers, the same way you handle other content repositories. Satellite 6.1 can sync containers from Docker Hub, Red Hat, or your own customer repo. Push containers to special compute nodes, run images, and manage running processes. Learn more.
  • Support for disconnected environment

    You no longer have to generate ISOs locally and then import them into Satellite. All content ISOs can now be downloaded directly from the Customer Portal, making secure environments easier to manage. Learn more.
  • SCAP Operations

    NIST defined SCAP to standardize security management. Satellite introduces OpenSCAP support (tech preview) to ensure that systems conform to a baseline set of rules and policies, such as automatically verifying the presence of patches, checking system security configuration settings, and examining systems for signs of compromise. Learn more.
  • Enhanced Bare-metal Discovery

    Discovery automatically finds bare-metal nodes on the provisioning network, helps those discovered nodes to self-register, scans for upload hardware facts, and even automatically provisions the physical machines based on their profiles. Learn more.
  • Active directory groups for user roles

    Build on the secure authentication in your Microsoft Active Directory environment. Satellite authorization policies can be set that associate Active Directory user groups with Satellite user groups and user roles. Learn more.

Install Red Hat Satellite 6

In order to procede, you'll need to request access to the beta program.

  1. Install a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6 server with default package selection and attach a proper subscription with the subscription-manager command.

  2. Find the correct Red Hat Satellite subscription to attach:

    # subscription-manager list --available --all +-------------------------------------------+ Available Subscriptions +-------------------------------------------+ ProductName: Red Hat Satellite ProductId: MCT3097 PoolId: [pool id] Quantity: 10 Multi-Entitlement: No Expires: 08/20/2014 MachineType: physical

    See Installing Red Hat Satellite to use an ISO in a disconnected environment.

  3. Attach a subscription using the following command with the pool id from the above output:

    # subscription-manager attach --pool=[pool id]

  4. Disable all existing repositories and enable the Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Satellite required repositories:

    # subscription-manager repos --disable "*"

    # subscription-manager repos --enable rhel-6-server-rpms --enable rhel-server-rhscl-6-rpms --enable rhel-server-6-satellite-6-beta-rpms

  5. Install the Satellite 6 packages:

    # yum install katello

  6. Run the katello installer tool.

    # katello-installer

  7. Once complete, Satellite is ready for use. Navigate to the Satellite hostname in a web browser to log in. To see the systems hostname, run # hostname.

  8. For additional deployment options, see the full Installation Guide or the User Guide for provisioning documentation.


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