Red Hat Satellite 6.4 Beta Program

Red Hat Satellite 6.4 beta - Open to all Satellite customers

Thank you for your interest in the Satellite 6.4 beta program!

The Red Hat Satellite 6.4 Beta represents the next minor release of the Satellite 6 product line, which was originally introduced in 2014. For version 6.4, customers can expect to see a continuation of the focus placed on the Satellite 6.3 monthly z-stream releases, including increased stability, supportability, and enhanced configuration and content management.

Red Hat Satellite beta programs provide interested customers and stakeholders the opportunity to learn about new capabilities planned for the Satellite offering and to help identify bugs and shape the future of the product. Red Hat invites you to download our beta code and assist us by evaluating the new functionality, product improvements, and code quality. Please be sure to provide us with your is extremely important to us!

How to get started

If you are interested in participating in this program, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have an active, paid-for Satellite subscription (temporary evaluations don’t count)
  • Be listed as your organization’s Administrator for your Red Hat account. Only the Org Admin can download the extra beta subscriptions provided by Red Hat.

Try Red Hat Satellite 6.4 Beta

Test the new features of Satellite 6.4 before GA (General Availability).

You need an active Satellite subscription to continue, and only your organization’s Administrator can access and download the beta.

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Focus Area Improvements / Enhancements for 6.4
Content Management
  • Ansible embedded for remote execution
  • Insights deployed through Ansible
  • Ansible/Foreman integration & Ansible Roles
  • Puppet 5 Support
  • Pull Templates from GIT
  • Vertical Navigation
  • Updated Red Hat Repositories Page
  • Notification Drawer Enhancements
  • Automatic republish of component content views
  • Ability to update a manifest inside of Satellite
  • Auditing of user events
  • Provision to AWS GovCloud
  • Load Balanced Capsules
  • Ability to offload Databases from Satellite Server
  • Support for Docker private repositories
  • Preservation of custom configs
Performance & Stability
  • RHEL Performance Co-Pilot integration
  • Rebase of Mongo DB to 3.x
  • Tuning for Postgres
  • Other performance and stability fixes

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