Red Hat® Cloud Infrastructure enables you to build and manage a private cloud environment.

Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure Highlights

What is Cloud Infrastructure?

Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure enables you to build and manage a private Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud based on datacenter virtualization and management technologies for traditional workloads. It also provides an on ramp to a highly scalable, public-cloud-like infrastructure based on Red Hat OpenStack Platform .

With Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, you can implement an integrated infrastructure to deliver services faster, increase your IT department’s value, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), and improve manageability.

RHCI component diagram

Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure Features


Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure’s integrated components work alongside your existing infrastructure investments and let you tailor a cloud to your environment and needs.

Choice and interoperability

With Red Hat products based on open standards, you're never dependent on a single vendor.

Heterogeneous coverage

Management spans multiple virtualization technologies, Red Hat OpenStack Platform , and public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Integrated lifecycle management

Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure offers automated provisioning, configuration management, and software management of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and any RPM-based application.

High performance

We've earned top virtualization benchmarks for performance and scalability in SPECvirt .


Red Hat is a leader in the OpenStack and Linux communities.

Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure Products

Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure combines multiple Red Hat products optimized to work together to increase ease of use and management. Your subscription to Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure includes the following:

Red Hat OpenStack Platform

The ideal platform for your business to build a private cloud or for service providers to construct a public cloud. With Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8, you also get all the advantages of Ceph Storage technology.

Red Hat Virtualization

Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) is an enterprise-grade server and desktop virtualization platform built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux that takes you beyond bare metal to an open, agile foundation that's able to scale to meet future challenges from evolving technology and business demands.

Red Hat CloudForms

CloudForms gives you choice and flexibility while providing a unified and consistent set of management capabilities across virtualization platforms, private cloud platforms, and public cloud platforms.

CloudForms can see and manage both the guest and host systems, allowing management of workloads and infrastructure within the same system.

Red Hat Satellite

The easiest way to manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux, keeping your systems running efficiently, properly secured, and compliant with various standards.

Red Hat Insights

Red Hat Insights is a modern infrastructure management service that enables customers to proactively identify and resolve configuration risks before they impact business operations. Fueled by deep technical knowledge and extensive experience with enterprise customers, Red Hat Insights analyzes IT infrastructure, identifies issues, and delivers clear, tailored, and actionable recommendations.

Red Hat Ceph Storage

Block device storage and object gateway storage are available in a single solution. Red Hat Ceph Storage has a software-defined architecture you can integrate into your existing hardware and infrastructure for lower capital costs and more flexibility. Even better for your IT environment, Ceph Storage offers robust, multi-tenant storage for cloud and virtualization applications like Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform and Amazon Web Services.

Get Started with Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure


  1. 1

    Decide what products you want to deploy

    Which Red Hat products from the Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure do you want to deploy? Which do you already have deployed?

  2. 2

    Install each product

    Use the linked installation information below to install each product:


Reference Architecture: Deploying an on-premise IaaS private cloud with PaaS integration

Reduce time and implement cloud management

On-premise cloud deployments continue to increase in popularity and demand. As demand increases, IT leaders look for ways to reduce time to deploy, configure, and implement management capabilities for deployed environments.

Create a user environment

Set up roles, groups, and users

This article tells you how to setup a role, a group, and a user for access to a specific cloud provider and, using an example, it helps you establish a foundation for your Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure user environment.

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