Migration Toolkits

A broad assortment of full-featured tools designed to migrate proprietary environments to Red Hat open source solutions.

Migration Toolkit for Applications

Accelerates large-scale application modernization efforts across hybrid cloud environments on Red Hat OpenShift. Offers insight throughout the adoption process, at both the portfolio and application levels. Inventory, assess, analyze, and manage applications for faster migration to OpenShift via the user interface.

Migration Toolkit for Runtimes

Offers an assembly of open source tools for large-scale application migrations and modernizations. The tooling consists of multiple individual components that support each phase of a migration process. Supported migrations include application platform upgrades, migrations to a cloud-native deployment environment, and migrations from several commercial products to Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

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Migration Toolkit for Containers

Migrates stateful and stateless applications from a source cluster to a target cluster. The toolkit was originally built to help the migration from Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) 3 to 4, but it can also be used between OCP 4 clusters.

Migration Toolkit for Virtualization

Migrates virtual machines at scale to Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization. This gives organizations the ability to more easily access workloads running on virtual machines, while developing new cloud-native applications. Migrations are performed in a few simple steps, first by providing source and destination credentials, then mapping the source and destination infrastructure and creating a choreographed plan, and finally, executing the migration effort.