Where to find Eclipse in RHEL 7 ? Which repositories to enable ?

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I'm new to RHEL, coming from Debian.

First shock:

The default repository is, compared to Debian, nearly empty !

Where can I find Eclipse ?

How / which repository should be enabled to get more software ?

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Hi Lars - I'm not familiar with Debian - but I think there are some rather fundamental differences in how the 2 manage the packages and repositories. (Fedora as well). [ someone please indicate if/where my approach is not a good practice]

Red Hat Enterprise Linux will have a Base Channel you will subscribe to. Then there are several Child Channels (supplementary and optional, for example). Those are all of the Red Hat supported and maintained packages. I will not generally subscribe ANY of my servers to non-Red Hat repos. Only my desktops.

Then there is EPEL which is part of fedoraproject and is generally "safe" with the RHEL packages. Now - those are not supported by Red Hat. They have not published a EL7 yet though (EL7-beta is still there).

Then there are some other independent, 3rd-party repositories (RPMfusion, RPMforge, etc..) and those are completely independent.

That said - you need to be careful using non-Red Hat repos as the packages might cause some compatibility issues. (I have not had a problem with EPEL and RPMfusion has also been OK for me.)

So - in the past, when I would build my RHEL 6 workstation..

# rhnreg_ks --activationkey=<ACTIVATION KEY HERE> --profilename=`hostname`
# rhn-channel -v -u redacted@domain.com -a -c rhel-x86_64-workstation-optional-6 -a -c rhel-x86_64-workstation-supplementary-6
# rpm -ivh http://download.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/6/x86_64/epel-release-6-8.noarch.rpm
# rpm -Uvh http://download1.rpmfusion.org/free/el/updates/6/x86_64/rpmfusion-free-release-6-1.noarch.rpm http://download1.rpmfusion.org/nonfree/el/updates/6/x86_64/rpmfusion-nonfree-release-6-1.noarch.rpm

RHEL 7 now uses the Subscription Model

After searching the repositories and the package manifest, I also cannot find eclipse. Has this been moved to a separate location, or is Redhat no longer providing a package for it?

Red Hat Developer Toolset, which includes Eclipse and is available for RHEL 5 and 6, will soon be available on RHEL 7 with other advanced tools. A new discussion will be posted when beta is available. Developer Toolset information, plus Red Hat Software Collections, can be found here: https://access.redhat.com/products/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/Developer/.

Eclipse has been part of the main repositories in RHEL 5 and 6. As we bought a subscription and not a license per version, we expect it to be available in recent versions, too.

Red Hat Developer Toolset 3.0 Beta is now available for use with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and, for the first time, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 to customers and partners with select active Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions. Updates include GCC 4.9, the Eclipse IDE 4.4 (Luna), and a number of additional bug fixes and feature enhancements. Note that Red Hat Developer Toolset 3.0 Beta is now accessible through the Red Hat Software Collections channel.

See https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Developer_Toolset/3-Beta/html/3.0_Release_Notes/DTS3.0_Release.html#Changes_in_3-0

Developer Toolset 3, with Eclipse 4.4, is now generally available for RHEL 7. See https://access.redhat.com/discussions/1253733.

Just expanding upon Mike's answer: See the Red Hat Developer Toolset 3.0 User Guide for more information on how to configure your system to be able to install RH DTS, i.e. to get Eclipse and other included software. The User Guide includes instructions for adding necessary repositories using both Subscription Manager (RHEL6 and 7) and RHN Classic (RHEL6). The following chapters in particular should be of help:

I followed the above links/directions (running Redhat Enterprise Workstation 7.3) "Getting Access..." and "Installing Eclipse" and no-go. I added the rhscl-beta and rhscl-beta-debug repos and both repositories are completely empty.

Are there any update forthcoming on installing the eclipse ide?

Thanks for any response.

Hi Ephraim,

Eclipse has been moved from Developer Toolset to the main set of Red Hat Software Collections (as of RHSCL 2.3, released Nov 2016).

Please, follow instructions at RH Software Collections: Installation to learn how to obtain access to and install RHSCL components, including Eclipse (in version 4.6.1).

A note about the Beta repos: These are only populated during the Beta testing period. To access full releases of Software Collections or DTS, use the regular repos.

Good morning, Anyone can help me where to find Eclipse Neon/Indigo version for Redhat Linux PE on IBM Power 8 platform. I could not find the Eclipse in RHat site. Thanks Aman