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Hi there everyone, I'm new to RHEL and I'm trying to get my head around the "Classic Management System" - I am trying to install mysql and I've selected this against my system but the event is still pending, how do I trigger the install?

many thanks


Hi Mike,

Did you use a graphical sofware installer?

Try installing it from yum from a terminal window (log in as root into a terminal window)

yum install mysql

And if needed, any other sofware packages you're interested in.

  • You can search for specific software available
  • This example below will produce a lot of rpms related to mysql, including ones you do not likely need.
yum search mysql

Let us know how this goes...

Kind Regards,

Hi Remmele, many thanks for the reply. I don't have an issue using yum, I probably didn't explain it properly. My system is registered with redhat and from the customer portal you can (I think) schedule packages to be pushed out to your server. I scheduled mysql to be installed but it's still sitting there as a pending action.

Ah, that makes sense - yes, as you mentioned below, rhn_check is your friend. See the good tip below from James regarding setting the frequency.

*** Solved ***

Google is my friend - looks like I issue rhn_check from the command line :)

You can change/update the INTERVAL which your hosts checkin with Satellite/RHN



NOTE: RHEL 5 and 6 are different.