Customising Anaconda uEFI boot menu to include kickstart parameter

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I am producing a remastered RHEL 6.5 which contains a custom kickstart. I have got the ISO to boot using the kickstart from a BIOS boot by making the standard modifications to isolinux.cfg (i.e. "append initrd=initrd.img ks=cdrom:/ks-x86_64.cfg"). However I cannot locate the correct file(s) to perform the same customisation when I boot to UEFI. I can enter the "ks=cdrom:/ks-x86_64.cfg" parameter to the UEFI anaconda boot menu by editing the kernel parameters but I cannot find a way of customising it like you can with editing isolinux.cfg.

Does anyone know how to customise the anaconda boot parameters when using UEFI?

Many thanks