JCA / IronJacamar / ConnectionValidator / EAP 6.2

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Coded up a resource adapter to create a Connection Manager for socket connections to an EIS.
I am TRYING to get the ValidatingManagedConnectionFactory functionality to work. In my configuration,
I used the tag to setup for background validation and set millis to 12345.
In the log file I see the line "Registering for background validation at interval: 12345". A bit
later I will see the log line as shown below:
(ConnectionValidator) Attempting to validate connections for pool SemaphoreArrayListManagedConnectionPool@9e2100[pool=CMaxxConnectionFactoryI]

However, my getInvalidConnections() method is never called. I've downloaded to source code in an attempt to understand
the calling logic and perhaps what I am missing but... no luck there.

So.. a couple questions:
1) Is this something that SHOULD be working ?
2) Is there any way to debug this further ?

Thanks in advance.