Netty using google DNS

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I recently installed a new server with JBOSS (7.4.15) running on OracleJDK(java-17-openjdk-
I'm on a seperate network without access to "the outside".

Now I'm having an issue where Netty is using Google DNS, giving errors:

  • [io.netty.resolver.dns.DefaultDnsServerAddressStreamProvider] (default task-1) Default DNS servers: [/, /] (Google Public DNS as a fallback)
  • Caused by: io.netty.resolver.dns.DnsNameResolverTimeoutException: [39905: /] DefaultDnsQuestion("here goes the site being resolved". IN A) query '39905' via UDP timed out after 5000 milliseconds (no stack trace available).

In the latest version of JBOSS I used (7.4.0) JBOSS was using my own local DNS servers. This is the behaviour I want to have in 7.4.15 as well, but i cant figure out how to do that so some help would be welcome. :)

If I go to the URL in Edge I can go to the website.