Mount RHEL 9 ISO on Windows, Filenames truncated

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When I mount the RHEL 9.2 ISO in Windows Explorer (Win 10 / Win 11 / Win Server 2019 / Win Server 2022), the zip files under :\BaseOS\repodata and :\AppStream\repodata, the names are truncated to 32 characters and do not represent the true filename.

e.g. on Windows, :\BaseOS\repodata\1e53fc07ebe15d9d0b46fbd56250d60d2c6e00ad65d1ef2642c6d463451520.gz is actually 1e53fc07ebe15d9d0b46fbd56250d60d2c6e00ad65d1ef2642c6d46345152038-primary.xml.gz

Does anyone have any ideas? I'm thinking the ISO got built with missing mkisofs arguments to make it readable by NTFS.

I've attached screenshots of Windows mount and a RHEL VM mount using the exact same ISO file. The ISO file isn't corrupted.rhel iso mount outputwindows iso mount output