leapp - Title: Unsupported network configuration

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When running the preupgrade for leapp on my rhel7 server, I get this error in the report:

Risk Factor: high (inhibitor)
Title: Unsupported network configuration
Summary: Detected multiple physical network interfaces where one or more use kernel naming (e.g. eth0). Upgrade process can not continue because stability of names can not be guaranteed.
Key: d3050d265759a79ce895e64f45e9c56e49b3a953

I only have one NIC configured:

# nmcli connection show
NAME  UUID                                  TYPE      DEVICE
eth0  7a6e4997-3f5b-48a2-ba32-08cb245cb26f  ethernet  eth0

There is another NIC (eth1) on the server, but it's not configured.

How can I fix this error so i can continue the upgrade?