Configuration issue when setting up a single-node cluster on AWS RHEL

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As part of an investigation into openshift, I am trying to set up a single node openshift cluster on an AWS RHEL 8 EC2 instance. I am trying to configure the subscription manager on this instance and even though I have my RedHat customer account 'simple content access for subscription management' enabled, I get the following when trying to attach any subscription pool available,

subscription-manager attach --pool=2c948b67857d2c470185810544d62665
Ignoring request to attach. It is disabled for org "16633586" because of the content access mode setting

Any suggestions on how to resolve?


Hello Gerard Savage,

With Simple Content Access mode enabled there is no need run the subscription-manager attach` command. It just needs to be registered. For more details, visit this FAQ site:

NOTE commands to attach subscriptions (such as subscription-manager attach --auto and/or subscription-manager attach --pool <$POOLID>) are obsolete and no longer required.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for this. I probably should have have given more context initially. When I subsequently try , 'subscription-manager repos --enable rhel-7-server-ansible-2.9-rpms' then it responds 'Repositories disabled by configuration.'

I had assumed this was because I had failed to attach successfully. So I guess my question changes to: How do I enable Repositories, I can't find an explicit option where I have disabled them. Is this a default setting?